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Training Requirements

The requirements and minimum aspects that must be included in a Dangerous Goods Regulations training program is given in Sub-Section 1.5 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). All parties involved in the transportation chain, including shippers, freight forwarders, ground service providers and airlines, play a role in ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods by air. Different categories of staff, whether they are work in the airport (Cat 6-12) or require different training and that it must always be commensurate with their responsibilities.


1. Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers', including operator's staff acting as shippers, operator's staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT)
2. Packers
3. Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing dangerous goods
4. Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods)
5. Staff of freight forwarders involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo or mail
6. Operator's and ground handling agent's staff accepting dangerous goods
7. Operator's and ground handling agent's staff accepting cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods)
8. Operator's and ground handling agent's staff involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo or mail and baggage
9. Passenger handling staff
10. Flight crew members, loadmasters, load planners and flight operations officers/flight dispatchers
11. Crew members (other than flight crew members)
12. Security staff who deal with the screening of passengers and crew and their baggage and cargo or mail, e.g. security screeners, their supervisors and staff involved in implementing security procedures.

    Freight Forwarders      
  Cat.   3   4 5   Cat.  
      General packing requirements Packing instructions Shipper's Declaration & other documentation Acceptance procedures   6 Operators and Ground Handling Agents
Shippers and packers 1   List of dangerous goods Labelling and marking Limitation Storage and loading procedures   7
2   Classification General philosophy Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods Pilots' notification   8
      General requirements for shippers Provisions for passengers and crew Emergency procedures     9, 11
  Cat.   12   Cat.  
      Security Screeners      
Click the category no. to show the training requirements for that category
      IATA Dangerous Goods Training Workbooks  
      Workbook 1 – Shippers; Packers; Dangerous Goods Acceptance Personnel  
      Workbook 2 – Flight Crew; Load Planners; Flight Dispatchers      
      Workbook 3 – Cabin Crew; Passenger Handling Personnel; Security Screening Personnel      
      Workbook 4 – Ramp and Warehouse Personnel      
      Workbook 5 – General Cargo Acceptance Personnel      

Minimum Training for Personnel Involved in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air

      Source: TABLE 1.5.A Minimum Requirements for Training Curricula (1.5.2) DGR 57th edition      



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