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International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO

The International Civil Aviation Organisation, or ICAO, is a UN specialized agency established in 1944 to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).
ICAO sets international civil aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and policies to promote a safe, efficient, secure, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible civil aviation sector.
ICAO publishes the Technical Instructions for the Safe Tranpsort of Dangerous Goods by Air. The Technical Instructions contain all the detailed instructions necessary for the safe international transport of dangerous goods by air.


'Dangerous goods can be carried safely by air transport providing certain principles are adopted. These principles have been used in developing the Technical Instructions. They are intended to facilitate transport while providing a level of safety such that dangerous goods can be carried without placing an aircraft or its occupants at risk, providing all the requirements are fulfilled. They try to ensure that should an incident occur it cannot lead to an accident.'
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International Air Transoprt Association IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 260 airlines or 83% of total air traffic. Founded in 1945 with 57 members, it is now expanded to cover almost all the nations of the world. IATA's main goals are to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air services for the benefit of the world's consumers.
IATA works closely with local governments and ICAO in the development of regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. It publishesthe IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)​, the global reference for shipping dangerous goods and the only standard recognized by airlines.​


The DGR 58th Edition is effective 1 January 2017 and valid until 31 December 2017. The next edition (59th Ed.) will be available in November 2017.

IATA has a global dangerous goods regualtions training program and a network of accredited training schools, IATA ensures that professionals have the tools and resources to transport dangerous goods safely.​​​​ Chem Freight Hong Kong Ltd. is a member of its global network of training schools.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA

FIATA is a non-governmental organisation representing an industry that includes approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms employing around 8 - 10 million people in 150 countries. It is recognised as representing the freight forwarding industry by many other governmental organisations, governmental authorities, private international organisations in the field of transport such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Union of Railways (UIC), the International Road Transport Union (IRU), the World Customs Organization (WCO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), etc.
FIATA runs the FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Programme in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The course is suitable for staff of shippers and forwarders who wish to become qualified to handle dangerous goods for air export Recognized by IATA as meeting the requirements for training under the Cargo Agency Programme.



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